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The Vision

McLendon Avenue, from Moreland to Dekalb/Ridgecrest has become one of the most highly travelled Local Streets by pedestrians and bicycles both commuting to school and work or for shopping and recreational travel throughout the week.

McLendon is a narrow street with parking on one side only and no space for buffered bike lanes. In conjunction with the newly reduced speed limit of 25 mph, many other interventions would help match design speeds.

Let’s make McLendon safer by changing the current perception and sharing the roadway equally with bikes and pedestrians for a much safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

The Process

The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization Infrastructure Committee proposes to host a series of community engagement sessions which would allow creative ideas and goal setting to be broadly incorporated and to further engage the community in ways it can work together to bring a major change to this important corridor.

We can’t wait to engage with stakeholders including Propel ATL, City Design, CPNO, Lake Claire Neighbors, L5P Alliance, Park Pride, Atlanta DOT, and our community, resulting in a master plan that can be developed for the entire corridor.

The Goal

An overarching goal will be to demonstrate that small dollar amounts can go a long way with a prioritized list of interventions that can be funded incrementally through existing programs. Likely funding sources include the upcoming TSPLOST/General Obligation Bond renewal program (council district allocation), scheduled City repaving programming, grants that may be available through Park Pride, the Atlanta Department of Transportation Tactical Urbanism program, The Path Foundation, Safe Routes to Schools or other programs whose funding sources may be well matched to the master design concepts agreed upon for the Safe Street corridor. By including a combination of low or no cost interventions that could be rolled out in the near term while more costly options (ie. Hawk Signal) get added as funding and refined plans are completed, the Safer Street concept can begin to have immediate impact while other programmatic ideas are completed over time.